Privacy Policy

ULVAC TECHNO, Ltd. and group companies (hereinafter, Company) make every effort possible as a group to adhere to corporate ethics and comply with laws and regulation, and consider protecting information that can be used to specify or identify individuals, including names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses (hereinafter, Personal Information) as a vital part of social responsibility. The Company will strictly enforce the following privacy policy.

July 2016
Representative Director,
President Masasuke Matsudai

1. Acquisition and use of personal information
When acquiring Personal Information, the Company clarifies the purpose of use and only uses the information for business purposes in a manner that is legal and fair. The acquired Personal Information is handled with the strictest security and is used within the scope of the stated purpose.

2. Purpose of use of Personal Information
The Company uses the Personal Information provided by customers in order to fulfill its contractual responsibilities, develop better products and services and provide beneficial information to customers.

3. Prohibition of providing Personal Information to a third party
The Company does not provide Personal Information to a third party other than group companies and subcontractors, unless there are justifiable reasons to do so, such as with the consent of a particular individual, or when requested to do so for legal reasons.
If Personal Information is provided to group companies or subcontractors, appropriate measures will be taken to protect the information.

4. Security measures
In order to prevent the loss, damage, modification or leakage of Personal Information managed by the Company, appropriate security measures are put in place, including methods for preventing unauthorized access and the spread of computer viruses. In particular, inquiries sent via the inquiry form on this website are encrypted with the SSL protocol using a digital ID issued by VeriSign Japan K.K.

5. Compliance and internal control
Directors and staff adhere to laws related to Personal Information and regulations set by the Company. A privacy policy manager is designated for each department handling Personal Information, and Personal Information is protected and managed according to instructions given by these managers.

6. Continuous improvement
The Company is committed to continually reviewing and improving efforts made to protect Personal Information.